Teaching is the greatest act of optimism

I am taking the plunge. To start a new business in these hard economic times can be considered the height of lunacy. But I feel that a cooking school is not such a crazy proposition. I hope I am right.

I think everyone should know how to cook. We should all be able to feed ourselves from our own kitchens. Unfortunately, this is not a skill that is being passed down from our mothers and fathers. I hope to change that in my own small way.

I intend to be able to inspire more people to cook not only Indian food, but anything that they like to eat. That makes a lot of economic sense and greatly helps in controlling what we put in our bodies. I love burgers and french fries as much as the next person – but I also like a simple dal (lentils) with basmati rice, and cauliflower with fresh ginger and peas. Indian Culinary Center will teach you how to make simple everyday meals and more complex dishes like Biryani (think Indian Risotto or Paella).

Join me in making 2009 the year where you cook more meals at home than you eat out.

Tell me what Indian dishes you love and would like to learn how to make.

Until I eat again!


One response to “Teaching is the greatest act of optimism

  1. Great site Geetika. Let’s see my wife loves Chicken Tikka and I love Chicken Korma. I think I would like to look into being able to cook some Indian courses. I’ll have to talk to you about that later on. Have a great weekend.

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