C for Cauliflower

Often a misunderstood vegetable by many Americans.

They tend not to like it since they have had it in preparations that do nothing for the cauliflower. Usually boiled with some cheese sauce doused over it. Not too appealing.

Following is a simple recipe that will transform a head of cauliflower into a rich tasting dish-with ginger playing a major role in building the flavors.

Cauliflower with Fresh Ginger and Green Peas

1 Head of Cauliflower, cut into florets
1 cup Green Peas (can be frozen)
1 inch piece of fresh Ginger, julienned (cut into thin matchsticks)
2 Tbs. Vegetable Oil
1 tsp. Turmeric Powder
1 Tbs. Cumin Seeds
½ tsp. Cayenne Pepper (or to taste)
Salt to taste
¼ cup Water
Fresh Cilantro for garnish

Heat a heavy bottom skillet on medium high heat. Add the oil and let it heat for a few seconds and add the cumin seeds. Cook for a minute and then add the ginger. Stir and cook for another minute making sure the ginger or cumin do not burn.
Add the cauliflower florets, turmeric, cayenne and salt. Stir well to incorporate all the spices with the cauliflower. When the spices seem well mixed in, add the water and cover the skillet with a lid. Turn the flame down to medium.
Check the cauliflower in about 5 to 7 minutes to see if it is cooked through by inserting a pairing knife-it should slide in easily. Once it is cooked to the desired consistency remove the lid, raise the heat to high and let any remaining water evaporate. Add the peas, stir and cook for another few minutes, or until the peas have heated through. Check the seasoning for salt.
Garnish with cilantro and serve hot.
The same recipe can be made with Broccoli Florets.


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