D is for Diwali

I know it is the middle of summer and I am talking about Diwali which is generally in October or November.

But what made me think of this holiday was some photographs that I was sorting through. I found the following pictures of this delicious rice that I made. I call them Diwali Rice. Most people know Diwali to be the festival of lights – when good conquers evil.
For me Diwali means the delicious meal that we make on this day.
Most Indian holidays are marked by something special to eat- as it the case anywhere I suppose.
One thing that holds true for most holidays in India is that the food is generally vegetarian.

Without much ado – let me present you with my Diwali Rice.

This may not look like much in the photograph – but trust me, it is delicious.

It is a vegetable pulao with vegetables and black chickpeas, eaten with creamy and cooling yogurt – along with your favorite pickle. I have carrot pickle here.

To make it:

Start with sauteing onions in some oil and cumin seeds. Caramelize the onions for about 15 to 20 minutes – or until they look like the onions you would use for making French Onion Soup.


Add a packet of frozen vegetables (yes, I said frozen – they are really not a bad thing to have – just don’t ever, ever use canned vegetables – unless you live in a war zone).
Also, I have about 3 cups of black chickpeas (found in Indian markets) that I soaked overnight and boiled till they were cooked. You can substitute with Garbanzo beans or any other of your favorite beans. I have made this with kidney beans or black eyed peas. They add to the visuals of the dish and definitely to the good protein.

Stir this well and salt it generously.

I add a few cloves of garlic to build the depth of flavors.

Next you add 4 cups of washed Basmati Rice to the pot and stir gently. It is important to be gentle with the rice as it is brittle when wet.

Sometimes I drink while I am blogging and so…the above photos are inverted. In that, first add about 8 cups of water for 4 cups of rice; stir and bring to a boil uncovered. As soon as it come to a boil, lower the flame and cover it.

The rice should be done in about 20 minutes.

Check and then let stand-if you can stand it for another 20 minutes before you eat.


What are you diwali favorites or other holiday favorites?

Until I eat again!


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  1. Oye Drinking while blogging girl…:)what masala do you put in there to get that yellow curry color? love your blogs!

  2. Thank you so much for reading my blog and making a comment. It means so much.The yellow color is just from the vegetables – nothing else.I hope to see you here again.Geetika

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