In and Out Burger

I for In and Out Burger

I am cheating yet again, but think about it – I is a really tough letter. There is ice cream and idaho potatoes. I almost did a bit on Idaho potatoes but maybe when I get to P.

I had the chance to eat these burgers just once last year on my trip to Los Angeles. They are really good. For a fast food burger and otherwise, it is very good. The food tastes fresh and not processed at all.

Its sad that they only exist in LA – don’t know why – but it is what it is.

There were a bunch of us – even though I could eat more than one.

Ah, the satisfaction of the first bite of a juicy, delicious burger. Nothing compares.

What chains do you wish came to New York and which ones do you wish left?

I wish that Olive Garden disappears and Outback Steak House.

Until I eat again!


One response to “In and Out Burger

  1. Hey you could've done I for different kinds of Idli's – plain Idli, Rawa Idli, Idli Fry, Chilli Idli etc

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