A Pinch of Salt

There has been much talk in the press about salt lately.

As a chef instructor (and an avid home cook), I have often found myself saying that salt is very important in cooking.  It brings out the flavor of everything, and I mean everything.  A pinch of salt can bring things to life.  A little salt can make a tomato taste more like a tomato; a piece of meat will lack depth of flavor without salt.

I am talking about the salt we ourselves add to our foods (always kosher salt in my case) – not the salt in processed foods.

This morning I learned that there is a quarter of a day’s recommended salt requirement in a serving of low-fat cottage cheese.  That is absolutely insane!  Who knew?  Did you know?  I didn’t know!

I don’t know how to offer a solution to all this salt intake except to say that this is yet another reason to cook most of our meals from scratch.  I am no scientist, but I can almost guarantee that if you cook your meals from scratch – you can add salt with abandon, and probably not get as much salt as you might – if you opened ONE can of what you might think is a good for you’ soup.

Jamie Oliver said, and I paraphrase very badly here – “Americans eat like we are hiding in a fallout shelter somewhere – opening cans of this and cryovak-ed bags of that.”

Cook your own meals – will you, please!

The New York Times article that will now cause angst even when I eat something as benign as cottage cheese.


Agree with me?  Disagree with me?

Have tips about reducing salt intake?

Let me know.


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